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Posted on Jul 29, 2016

First home – Longisa town

This is a case of a twenty year old orphan who was initially taken in by his grandfather as the guardian. Currently stays with his sister who fortunately happens to be a nurse. In 2014, he was treated for drug sensitive TB for six months but did not respond well. A sputum culture was taken which turned positive showing Rifampicin resistance. In May 2015, he was started on a standardized regime of Multi Drug Resistant treatment. However, the patient defaulted treatment on the eleventh month. Another sputum culture was taken on the thirteenth month which showed a reversion to his condition. Tests showed second line DST was received and the patient was sensitive to all drugs. Further, the patient was also on ARVs which he had equally defaulted in April 2016. The patient is currently severely wasted and withdrawn. He just completed his high school and is set to join University this September. Gladly, all his immediate contacts screened have showed no signs or symptoms of Tb and his current homestead is good and well ventilated.

Second home visit- Chebirir

This is a case of a 33 year old single man who currently works and lives in Bomet. Initially, between 2000 – 2013, he was a smoker and alcoholic until he began getting sickly. He moved from Sotik in 2013 to stay with his parents after he was seriously taken ill. He was later diagnosed with HIV and was co-infected with drug sensitive TB. He was put on first line ARVs at the hospital in Longisa. By June of the same year, he had completed TB treatment but two months later he presented signs and symptoms of the same. He immediately was put on a re-treatment regime and a sputum culture was taken which later showed Rifampicin resistance. In February 2014, he was started on a standardized MDR treatment which affected his eyesight and would lead him to experience nightmares and seizures.  Gladly, he successfully completed his drug regiment in January 2015. Currently, he has gained weight from 44kgs to 56 Kgs and through the patient support program provided during his treatment, he has been able to build a semi-permanent house. So far, he has been faithful to his Antiretroviral Therapy drug regiment and continues to be followed up at Longisa Hospital. He is totally free of TB.





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